The Most Popular Harry Potter Book Trailers of All Time

By Bookreels Staff

What’s your favorite Harry Potter book trailer?

The boy wizard has inspired hundreds of fan-created videos over the years. We can’t stop watching Harry!

To introduce you to these lovingly created fan trailers, we’ve rounded up the five most popular Harry Potter fan trailers ever created. Many of these videos were created by students and other young fans—showing the world what super-fans can create.

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child Fan Made Trailer

Earlier this year, one fan used movie footage to cut together a trailer for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the follow-up play that J.K. Rowling created after the events of the Harry Potter series.

What do you think?


Deathly Hallows Trailer
This fan’s creation was made before the actual release of Book Seven.

“This is a home-made trailer for the final Harry Potter book, which has an expected release sometime this year. I used footage from the first four movies and music from the soundtracks to edit it together.”



Harry Potter & the Cursed Child Trailer

Another fan-made creation.



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book Trailer (FAN-MADE)

“The end of Harry Potter has me a little nostalgic, so I made this sort of Deathly Hallows Trailer… don’t worry, it has NO SPOILERS for DH”



Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

Created by George and Jack (2013) for the J.P. Case Library Media Center



Harry Potter Second Chances

A book trailer for one fan’s Harry Potter story on Wattpad.

“The battle is over. Wounds are healing. Everyone is trying to move on, to pick up the pieces, but the one person who can’t move on is the one who needs it the most. Harry, suffocated by the events of the past year, manages to convince his friends to let him leave. He travels across the globe to a small, muggle town in the middle of no where.”

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