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You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness

By Judy Klam


You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness

By Judy Klam


Julie Klam was thirty, single, working as a part-time clerk, and had resorted to consulting tarot cards as to when she would finally meet that special someone. But when he finally showed up, he wasn’t exactly as she had pictured. Flat-faced, eyes askew, neutered, and irresistibly sweet: he was a Boston terrier named Otto. YOU HAD ME AT WOOF (Riverhead Books; Publication Date: November 1, 2010; ISBN: 978-1-59448-776-7) is the humorous and tender story of a woman who learned life’s most valuable lessons from her dogs. Otto would be the first in a long line of Boston terriers for Klam, and she was over the moon for him. She adored the way he burrowed under the covers and hated water for anything but drinking; she marveled at his good manners, even as he sat across from her at the dinner table. Julie had worried that she was too selfish to ever be able to live with a man, but caring for Otto taught her about the compromises and the give-and-take that love requires. Otto was only the first of many dogs that would enter her life over the years, and in YOU HAD ME AT WOOF, Julie Klam chronicles the raucous adventures, humorous foibles, and surprising revelations of letting a dog (or four) into your heart.

But Otto was only the beginning. Over the years, as Julie Klam’s family grew to include a husband and daughter, they would take in many beloved canine companions, each with their own set of challenges and revelations. And after Klam became an active volunteer with a local Boston terrier rescue organization, their home became a veritable revolving dog door—from the endlessly hyper Hank, to the solemnly devoted Moses, to the very old foster Dahlia, who surprised them all by giving birth to a pair of puppies.

In a rollicking chronicle of her dog adventures, Klam tells the hilarious tale of her not-so-rigorous training as an animal communicator at the new age-y Omega Institute, of trying to manage both her newborn baby and a new puppy at the same time, and, later, of the exhilarating and exhausting chaos of squeezing four dogs and three humans into a Manhattan apartment. Through the triumphs and the losses and the many laughs along the way, Klam reveals how caring for her canine friends has opened her heart, and made her better in the process.

Full of humor and warmth, Julie Klam’s YOU HAD ME AT WOOF is the poignant tale of how one woman learned the secret to love, health, and happiness from an unexpected source: her dogs.

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