The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse

White Water

By D G Leigh


White Water

By D G Leigh


From the author of the No1 Amazon teen adventure “Grasslands” comes its spectacular sequel. A nail-biting roller-coaster ride of last minute escapes and edge of your seat suspense.

During World War Two the Japanese were developing their own WMD. A molecular bomb. Capable of horrific killing power by destroying human DNA but leaving the target country’s infrastructure and resources undamaged or radiated, ready for the taking.

Since the devastating atomic strike by the Americans ended the war its existence has been lost and forgotten…..

Until now.

Seventy years later an ISIS attack on a commercial airline will have deadly reputation worldwide.

Jugeum, a North Korean special forces operative has taken command of a rouge stealth submarine and has discovered the Japanese doomsday device’s location.

Myron Gehrig, exactly three weeks after his ordeal in Mongolia, has been assigned to join a rag-tag group of explorers on a fact finding mission to an isolated collection of atolls on the edge of Pacific rim.

Myron and Private Ellen Priss are all that stands between Jugeum and the total annihilation of the Western World.

A fearful game of cat and mouse for the ultimate weapon takes place across a raging island inferno filled with crumbling war relics and government secrets leading to the final catastrophic showdown beneath the waves.

The countdown to rebirth has begun……

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