The Marvelous Mirza Girls

When Darkness Calls

By Christina Engela


When Darkness Calls

By Christina Engela


Ghosts. Hauntings. Disembodied voices. Malicious entities that make it their goal to destroy their victims utterly. The things that go bump in the night… They’re real.

Sometimes the most unlikely of people find themselves under attack by supernatural entities – and usually no-one will believe them. If they say anything, they risk becoming the butt-end of countless jokes about the paranormal. Worse still, some will place the blame for their predicament squarely on the victims themselves!

Who would help them? The church? A priest – or pastor? And if not, who else? Who would get involved?

Would you?

In the case of Tracey, it was her closest friend – and a small unlikely group of dedicated associates from diverse backgrounds. Together they would face the awful darkness inside the mansion on the hill – the one people sarcastically called “the white house”.

Available as an eBook, paperback and audiobook (narrated by Miciah Dodge).

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Christina Engela
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