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We Grew Tales

By Evelyn Arvey, Nancy Bonnington, and Susan Whiting Kemp


We Grew Tales

By Evelyn Arvey, Nancy Bonnington, and Susan Whiting Kemp


In We Grew Tales, three Pacific Northwest writers present a collection of stories as varied as their artistic backgrounds (literature, theater, music, and art) and shaped by their collaboration in a selective writing group.

This is a book for adventurous readers, writers, and those curious about the creative process.

Presented in two sections, the book encompasses stories written over many years, some previously published in literary and popular magazines, as well as more recent works created for the group’s regular critique sessions at a local coffee shop.

In the first half of We Grew Tales, the authors cultivated their material from a variety of inspirations—both personal and imaginative.

The second half of We Grew Tales presents short stories that were created from monthly writing prompts. The prompt (shown in this book along with each story title) was usually a cryptic phrase such as “Saturday at 6:25 p.m.” Each author took a turn suggesting a prompt, pulling it out of thin air or basing it on a line of poetry. One prompt involved eavesdropping on a random public conversation.

Overall, each tale in this book established its final structure and narrative through the group’s interaction. The result is a wide variety of intriguing short stories—humorous, speculative, literary, and contemporary.

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