Child of Grace: A Death Row Story

Veneration of the Hunter

By Ren Behan


Veneration of the Hunter

By Ren Behan


The Mother sustains…but she can also take.


I’ve been warned that the longer one remains in the sacred valley, the deeper the soul buries itself there. But to earn my place as hunter, I must complete the rite; I must nourish the forest ground with the spilt blood of my kill lest it be my own that sanctifies the soil. It is decided. But…am I hunter, or am I prey?

What will begin as a hunt will change into the Hunter’s trial, bringing him face to face with a truth he isn’t ready to accept. As the happenings—events believed to be tests—force him to question reality, the Hunter finds there’s more to his rite than pleasing the Mother. While the valley consumes him, he’ll discover he may never have been meant to go back home.

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