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Underwater Fistfight

By Matt Betts


Underwater Fistfight

By Matt Betts


Underwater Fistfight is a collection of poetry that combines horror and science fiction with humor.

“I’ve always told people that Matt Betts is a poet for people who hate poetry, but I’ll be damned if Underwater Fistfight doesn’t prove he stands as a heck of a reminder of what got me to love poetry in the first place.”
—Anton Cancre, Cemetery Dance

“With a wicked sense of humor, a wicked style, and, at times, just plain wickedness, Underwater Fistfight, is a rare combination of poetic genius and laugh-out-loud brilliance. Not to be missed.”
—Bram Stoker nominee Peter Adam Salomon, author of All Those Broken Angels

“Just when you begin to feel slightly disturbed, Betts gets you laughing again…a mix of wit, dark tales, and vivid imagery.”
—Kristen Margiotta, Illustrator Gustav Gloom series

“Matt Betts weaves wonderfully ornate geeky tales through his poetry.  A smorgasbord so deep, yet light enough to consume over lunch. Bravo!”
—Len Peralta, Illustrator, Munchkin and Co-Host of CreatureGeek

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