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Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog

By Luis Carlos Montalvan


Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog

By Luis Carlos Montalvan


As narrated by Tuesday, Tuesday Tucks Me In is a day in the life of this service dog extraordinaire and tail-wagging ambassador for all things positive and uplifting in the world. The book takes us through a typical day of adventures, starting with Tuesday waking military veteran Luis Carlos Montalván in the morning and greeting him with dog breath in the face, and then ending with Tuesday cuddling up to Luis on their bed, the last moment they spend together before sleep.

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Roaring Brook Press (an imprint of Macmillan)


  1. Avatar kkjohnston says:

    We loved this book so much we gave it 5 stars! We purchased this for early release and couldn’t wait to read it! We loved it so much that we’ve given several as gifts and this Christmas we donated the book to our elementary schools. We love Luis and Tuesday! Hope there is more to come! Also we love Until Tuesday…the story of how the two became a team!

  2. Avatar Diane says:

    I highly recommend this beautifully illustrated and written book not only for children but for adults as well! Tuesday Tucks Me In is a heartwarming, loving story of the bond between Tuesday and Luis. Each of my four young grandchildren love this beautiful book and love Tuesday! I was so impressed with Captain Montalvan, his courage, his sacrifices and his love for Tuesday and Tuesday’s unconditional love for Luis that I purchased 12 more books to share with all the children on my Christmas List and two more to donate to my local libraries.

  3. Avatar Janet says:

    I ordered this book in the presale and was so excited when it came. This book has beautiful photos, this book teaches how Important our best four legged friends are and can be. Even how to take care of our puppy dogs. I took this book to England with me and showed it to everyone I met. I’ve sent this book to a boy for Christmas. I love this book and also love the Adult book “Until Tuesday” I give both these books 5+ stars. Luis and Tuesday are phenomenal!!!

  4. Avatar Angel says:

    “Tuesday Tucks Me In” gently shares with the reader necessary and meaningful information, not only about the benefits of service dogs for all types of disabilities, but also about acceptance and love.
    Captain Montalván has artistically combined education and whimsy through the narrative voice and heartwarming photographs of his extraordinary best friend and service dog – “Tuesday.”
    “Tuesday Tucks Me In” is an exceptional balance between a soft, golden retriever-warm-fuzzy-tug-at-that-spot in your heart response and practical, necessary, delicately delivered facts that carefully awaken awareness.
    This book should be in every teacher’s library and every reading dog team’s “bag of books.”
    “Tuesday Tucks Me In” is a beautiful expression of courage, inspiration and unconditional love.

  5. Avatar Christi says:

    After reading Mr. Montalvan’s first book, “Until Tuesday” I eagerly awaited the release of this children’s story book. Full color photo’s make it a great read and the story is gently told from Tuesday’s perspective. I have donated copies to the local library as well as the elementary school in my area with more on the list to hand out.
    This book is a classic. Sure to be on the best seller list for many years to come.

  6. Avatar Marna says:

    I rate this book 5 stars. “Tuesday Tucks Me In” is a delightful story of the loving bond between Luis and Tuesday, as told by Tuesday himself. The narrative is entertaining as we accompany this amazing pair throughout a typical day that includes many fun and heartwarming activities. It also sweetly informs children about how valuable service dogs are to the disabled, which may be an introduction for them to this important subject, encouraging awareness and sensitivity. The photos are marvelous and greatly enhance one’s enjoyment of the book. Children’s books of this high quality are rare. One goal and hope in reading to children is to instill a love of books, of reading, and of learning, which will last a lifetime. “Tuesday Tucks Me In” will do just that. I have recommended this book to many friends and have donated it to an elementary school library. I highly recommend it for everyone, no matter what your age. I guarantee this story of loyalty and unconditional love will become a favorite and will be read again and again.

  7. Avatar Meg says:

    I love, love, love this book! The book trailer is so captivating to see the special interactions and love between Tuesday and Luis. I enjoyed sharing this book with my class and my grandson. It is a great read for all ages.

  8. Avatar Crystal says:

    I truly love this book! As a service dog handler, I know first hand the special bond I share with my beloved furry spirit. I am honored by the friendship I share with Luis & Tuesday. Their story touches my heart. I know it will touch your heart too.

  9. Avatar Julesington1 says:

    This is a great book to help educate our up and coming young generation (and perhaps the old one too) on disabilities and “isms” that they may encounter and deal with in life. Tuesday is an excellent example of what and how a trained service dog can change and nurture not only Luis’s but others lives as well, in this service dog role he gladly undertakes with Luis. I have bought two copies of this book, donated one to my local children’s library and gave one to my granddaughters. I have Faith that both copies are being read and learned from. Definitely worth the purchase.

  10. Avatar Simonne says:

    I love this book! It might have been written for young children but I love it myself just as much as. This is a great gift for young children but then their parents, grandparents ore other adults will have a great time sharing it with them.
    Don’t bother if they can’t read English as the photo’s tell the story by itself.

  11. Avatar Timothy says:

    A children’s picture book rarely surpasses the reader’s expectation, but “Tuesday Tucks Me In” reaches both children and adult readers on so many levels that it qualifies as a true “must read.” This book embodies the truism that the greatest lessons come from the simplest story.

  12. Avatar Ryan says:

    Every time I see Luis and Tuesday I immediately get a smile on my face. You really don’t have to be a child to appreciate this book. It is wonderfully illustrated and told through Tuesday’s eyes as we experience what a typical day is like for Luis and Tuesday. The book will introduce the importance of service dogs and how they relate to the disabled in a way children will learn and enjoy. I myself don’t have children but share the book with any that are around (family outings, holidays, etc.). Simply put, kids will enjoy and learn from Tuesday Tucks Me In while adults will be uplifted. Bravo once again Luis and Tuesday.

  13. Avatar Victoria says:

    We saw Luis and Tuesday in action reading this book at the Old St. Mary’s Chapel in Rocklin, Ca as part of our OldTown Tree Lighting Celebration. The magic of the season was a sight to behold. Wide-eyed children awestruck at the beautiful message Luis & Tuesday shared about the bond between this wounded warrior and his service dog. Children learn the importance of the work a service dog does and of the love the dog and Luis share. Even the adults were wide-eyed and smiling. My favorite page is the one that says “Yes, even in here”….. A Must Read for children of all ages – Even the “children at heart”.
    We are so blessed that Luis & Tuesday are willing to share their journey with the world. Peace and love to two amazing souls.

  14. Avatar Jane says:

    I loved “Tuesday Tucks Me In” The pictures are beautiful and it contains important information for any age. I hope there will never be another war but in the until that time comes, service dogs can bennifit our wounded veterans. Thanks to Luis and Tuesday for sharing their story.

  15. Avatar Toni says:

    FIVE STARS but it deserves more! I had the pleasure of meeting Luis and Tuesday at our author signing here in Shelby Township Michigan and this beautiful telling of their story is something that can’t be missed. Its a wonderful, picture filled, must read for all ages of their bond and the love they share. Our veterans need and deserve support from all of us and this story shows just how important that is. Thank you Luis and Tuesday for giving so much so that we can all start to understand how important service dogs can be to our heros in the military.

  16. Avatar lizbreed says:

    This is a wonderful book for children (and adults!). There are few picture books that explain/illustrate what a service dog is and does and Tuesday Tucks Me In does a remarkable job of this. The photos are beautiful and do so much more than words can to show the bond that Luis and Tuesday have. A fantastic book!!

  17. Avatar Colleen says:

    This is a magnificent, five-star book for all ages. (Yes, it may be considered a children’s book but let’s face it, we all love Luis and Tuesday!). Important information and gorgeous artistry in each and every photograph combine not only to chronicle the days in their lives, but the soul and the unbreakable bond they share.

  18. Avatar Ken says:

    Tuesday Tucks Me In is an important and meaningful book in so many ways. Children learn about stress and anxiety and the importance of adkinf for and accepting help. It educates about invisible disabilities and the mutual bond between humans and dogs. It is touching, heartfelt and a story of true bonding and love. Five stars and more!

  19. Avatar DMMLS says:

    After writing his New York Times bestselling autobiography “Until Tuesday,” retired Captain Luis Montalván now writes for his newest and younger audience! Enchantingly written for children, “Tuesday Tucks Me In” tells a delightful story with a very important message. From the moment you open the book you are greeted nose-to-fuzzy-nose with beautiful and captivating Golden Retriever “Tuesday,” who narrates his story. But Tuesday is not a pet. Tuesday is a Service Dog with very specialized training which enables him to perform important duties necessary to assist his human companion Luis. And so begins the story of a typical day of very important work for Tuesday (and some playtime too!) as he and Luis spend their day together.
    What I love about this book is the layout of narration and vibrant illustrative photography, which captures and holds the attention of the young reader. The format allows for plenty of page-by-page discussions, questions, and educational responses. “Tuesday Tucks Me In” teaches the young reader about the important role a service dog plays in the life of a person with observable or unseen disabilities. Great job Captain Montalván (and Tuesday!) Well-written, educational, but mostly, so enjoyable for both young readers and adults!
    Dr. Donna M. Struck

  20. Avatar Emily says:

    I highly recommend this wonderful book that highlights the amazing bond between Captain Montalvan and his service dog, Tuesday. It is unique for several reasons, including that it is told from Tuesday’s perspective. The beautiful photos help the reader to fully appreciate how Tuesday helps Luis complete daily tasks. The book is told with an easy and fun tone for children to understand while still addressing important questions they may have about the job of a service dog and why someone might need a dog like Tuesday. Luis has done an excellent job of giving a voice to veterans and the sacrifices made for our freedom. The real treat for kids and adults alike is the obvious and heart-warming bond shared between Luis and Tuesday. This is a must-read for all ages and a perfect book to add to your personal collection!

  21. Avatar Kathy says:

    On a December night two years ago, I began reading Until Tuesday. Luis Carlos Montalvan’s story of his life is one that will stay with you long after you have read the last page. Tuesday beautifully changed life for Luis, and together they have changed life for all who read this book. Now, Luis and Tuesday share their story in a format that is perfect for a younger audience, too. Tuesday Tucks Me In captivates all readers right from the start as we see Tuesday’s beautiful eyes looking straight out from the front cover where he rests by Luis. Luis and Tuesday let their readers in to their daily life, taking us from the moment they wake up, to the adventures they go on during a day, and closing with them settling in for the night in the comfort of their home. The words are beautifully descriptive, and the photographs are priceless.Each page has been carefully crafted with words and photographs that clearly define the partnership, bond, and love Luis and Tuesday have for each other.
    Luis Carlos Montalvan and Tuesday have done it again – another book that will stay with readers long after they have finished reading it…and each reader will return to this book over and over, savoring each page. Just as Montalvan did in Until Tuesday, readers will find themselves captivated from the first words and drawn further and further into the book until the end. This children’s book may have a target age associated with it, but the content is perfect for any age. We are left with a life changing experience after reading Tuesday Tucks Me In, an experience that leaves us wiser and inspired.
    How fortunate we are to further explore the fantastic bond these two heroes have with each other. How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to learn from them, to laugh and smile with them, to know that they are living life to the fullest with each other. Thank you, Luis Carlos Montalvan and Tuesday…for all that you do each day. You make this world a better place.

  22. Avatar says:

    What does being “tucked in” feel like for a kid, or anyone for that matter? The feeling is loving…deep…a sense of divine comfort, warmth, and security. My nine year old boy was spellbound by the pictures of Tuesday and Luis. He asked questions about service dogs and war. He questioned why the world doesn’t see everyone as equal…he said, “I think everyone should get tucked in!” Wise words from a nine year old..Thank YOU Luis and Tuesday for bringing out the depth and breadth of your mission through Tuesday Tucks Me In!

  23. Avatar says:

    I did not buy the book for children though I have shown it to kids who like “real life” photos instead of illustrations. I bought it for the excellent photography and because I had read his previous book, “Until Tuesday…….” which I found resonated with many readers and, particularly in my case, as someone who experienced stress related problems from my time in the military.

  24. Avatar Maureen P. says:

    “Tuesday Tucks Me In” is by far the most engaging and important children’s picture book in recent times, and should be a staple in public and school libraries. By reading “Tuesday Tucks Me In,” children are able to gently learn about PTSD and the challenges that Luis faces. Written from Tuesday’s perspective, the beautiful photographs chronicle Tuesday’s and Luis’ day-to-day activities, and shows how Tuesday encourages and helps Luis to live a fulfilling & joyous life. Luis returns the favor by taking such good care of his constant companion. It’s easy for children to understand that the strong bond between this duo is based on trust, love, and respect. Children (and adults!) will learn, sometimes with humor, the importance of being kind to and accepting of others. Please spread the word about this wonderful book, it’s a must-read for “children of all ages!” And thank you, Luis, for sharing your life (and Tuesday) with us – we have the ability to become better people because of it.

  25. Avatar Carol says:

    Tuesday Tucks Me In is a five star book that I recommend especially for young readers yet it can be enjoyed by all ages. It delivers absolutely beautiful photos and a rich moving text that shows how a service dog, Tuesday, radically improves the quality of life of a veteran, Fmr. Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan. Additionally, Tuesday Tucks Me In provides opportunity for so many jewels worth teaching and discussing such as: the transforming power of unconditional love and acceptance; the importance of knowing every person is unique and has a purpose to make the world a better place for those now and to come after me; how others who have come before me worked hard to make the world a better place for me; how discrimination compounds grief and hurts very badly; that visible and invisible disabilities sometimes happen early in life and others later in life; how putting others down can be a sign that you don’t feel good about yourself; how important it is to cultivate a relationship with God and others; and live your life with intentionality and enjoy life.
    Tuesday Tucks Me In is written with ample sight words, blends, and easy short and long vowel words that can assist teachers and parents in helping their young reader learn to read and enjoy reading. I am a former elementary education teacher and suffer with invisible disabilities myself. I personally find Tuesday Tucks Me In very comforting and a gift to our world! I think there are many who will enjoy reading Tuesday Tucks Me In everyday! I hope children will read Tuesday Tucks Me In to their pet and other loved ones, too.

  26. Avatar Karah Marie says:

    I loved reading this book and have shared it with my friends across the country too because, not only is it a heart-warming tale told by sweet Golden Retriever, Tuesday about a day in the life he shares with best buddy Luis, it is an important insight for kids and adults. Why? It introduces children – in a way that is easy for them to understand (as well as adults) to how crucial service dogs are in the recovery and daily life activities of wounded and disabled persons. It is especially notable how not only does Tuesday help with daily activities, but comforts Luis when he has nightmares. I think all pet lovers will love this book but the message is important as well. That message is light enough for the kids and the beautiful pictures tell a thousand words too. Buy it for yourself and get a glimpse into Luis & Tuesday’s life and also, share with your family and friends – you’ll be glad you did!

  27. Avatar Elaine Chandonnet says:

    Tuesday Tucks Me In deserves a 5 star rating in my opinion. In the first place how could anyone resist that gorgeous Golden Retriever face when you look at the cover. As you read the story and look at all the pictures you are transformed into Luis and Tuesdays everday routine and gain a new appreciation for our Veterans and the need for service dogs. Having had the privilege of meeting them makes this book even more special and it has taught me to to be understanding of the struggles Luis has endured and howTuesday is such a vital part of his life. This book will delight everyone no matter their age. Thank you to Luis and Tuesday for sharing their lives with us.

  28. Avatar Darcy says:

    Of course, we all know how brave Luis has been as a soldier…but, I’m not sure if we are truly able to understand how brave it has been for Luis to write this story and share his journey…nurturing education and awareness is what will change the face of trauma and the stigma that is often attached to it…life changing…inspirational…

  29. Avatar Lisa says:

    The little ones in my family absolutely loved receiving this book over the holiday season. The story gently walks you through a day in the life of this beautiful service dog and his owner. The message you take away is not only informative, but touching and powerful as well.

  30. Avatar Lynda says:

    Those of us who own animals or work with animals, especially dogs, don’t question their uncanny ability to provide comfort in many, many ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. “Tuesday Tucks Me In” goes one step further and demonstrates the capabilities of one very special and smart dog, Tuesday, an amazing service dog. If you have read “Until Tuesday,” you are aware of Luis’s daily challenges before Tuesday came into his life and the profound difference this beautiful creature has made. The joy and love that Tuesday brings is only surpassed by the comfort and security he provides to Luis every day and night. This very simple but profound book is laced with touching photographs that truly exemplify, at is finest, the true bond between man and dog.

  31. Avatar Helen says:

    “Tuesday Tucks Me In” is a spellbinding book that appeals to children of all ages. Every page, in just a few words and excellent photographs, perfectly depicts the incredible bond between Luis and Tuesday. The story is told by Tuesday which is particularly endearing. I have known Luis and Tuesday for almost two years in person (and dog), and I marvel at the excitement and interest of children and adults every time I attend one of his “Tuesday Tucks Me In” events. Luis actually sits on the floor with the children to read the book with them and demonstrate how he cares for Tuesday … and how Tuesday cares for him. The bond between soldier and dog is plainly evident, and I know that Tuesday enjoys the frequent groomings at every presentation. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? The smile on Tuesday’s face speaks a million words, and when he does his “Happy Dance,” one cannot help but want to get down on the floor and dance with him! If Luis and Tuesday are in your area, I hope you will attend one or more of his events to meet Luis and Tuesday. I personally guarantee that you will come away with a warmer heart and a lighter, happier mood.

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