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The Trillionist

By Sagan Jeffries


The Trillionist

By Sagan Jeffries


In his book, The Trillionist, author Sagan Jeffries exposes the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ of a boy- genius, turned madman, turned savior.

Spurred on by a darkness residing within his brilliant mind, Sage Rogan, boy-genius and inventor, is relentlessly driven to bring modern advancements to his people. In fearing for his own sanity, he eventually discovers a part of his mind is, in fact, a shadowy ancient spirit with ulterior motives of its own. Realizing that the inventions he’s been coerced into creating could destroy his world, Sage yearns to make things right; clashing with the powerful entity to save his world from annihilation.

The Trillionist is a futuristic science fiction novel by Sagan Jeffries.

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EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing


  1. Avatar Janice says:

    This is an awesome book. It is incredibly hard to put down once you start reading it.
    I recommend the book, and love the video and am officially voting for it to win one of the First Annual BookReels Awards!

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