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The Travel Tab: Year One

By Shaun Troke


The Travel Tab: Year One

By Shaun Troke


The Travel Tab: Year One is a book of luxury/budget information from experienced travellers.

Featuring every location we covered during our first 12 months of online publishing – including Portugal, Greece, Thailand, Germany, Romania, & the USA – all of this information has now been gathered together into one book!

Destinations aside, this book helps provide information for those new to travel. Whether it be a young person keen to make that first step into the solo travel world, or, an older inexperienced person needing assistance with transport & accommodation, The Travel Tab Year One has two decades of experience behind it!

The Travel Tab shares information from actual experiences, whether it be Transportation experience, Accommodation experience, or just general (Budgeting) experience. The Travel Tab: Year One has been produced as an informative guide to have at hand…literally.

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