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The Sober Journey: A Guide to Prayer and Meditation in Recovery

By Dirk Foster


The Sober Journey: A Guide to Prayer and Meditation in Recovery

By Dirk Foster


Sobriety is a difficult challenge for everyone. If you’re new to sobriety, or have been sober for years, there are many daily challenges, anxieties and fears that can threaten long term recovery. Prayer and meditation are simple, reliable and time-tested methods that can help you improve your chances of staying sober and living in peace and joy.


Based on the principles behind Step 11, The Sober Journey provides simple solutions to finding serenity and success in recovery.  Written with many examples from the authors own experience, and offering an easy guide to follow, The Sober Journey is for anyone seeking a healthy and productive life free from the fears and anxieties that plague the minds of most addicts and alcoholics.


In The Sober Journey, you’ll learn:

·       The author’s journey out of addiction

·       How prayer and meditation has improved the author’s own recovery

·       Understanding the mind of an alcoholic and addict

·       How to find peace and serenity in your life

·       Simple techniques for prayer and spiritual inspiration

·       Easy meditation techniques you can practice immediately

·       Ways to develop conscious awareness of your spiritual life

·       Ways to find your Higher Power

·       Habits to help you develop serenity, calm and peace

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