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Before the Rain Falls

The Same Blood

By Ronder Scott Pradhan

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The Same Blood

By Ronder Scott Pradhan


For Claudia Durst, the very thing she’s running from is the same thing she must embrace. The Durst twins are separated after a tragic accident. One forgets the other, but a reunion is inevitable. In this case only one is powerful while the other is kept in the dark. Claudia and Sofia’s parents are forbidden lovers. Lauren Mitchell is robbed of a family of her own all when an event turns to lustful mistakes. Lauren is betrayed rendering her cold and heartless, she’s a woman scorned. Maybe she will pit her enemies against each other and take a route towards revenge. The Same Blood is a riveting Fantasy that will drive you to the outskirts of thrill and drop you off at the edge of supernatural.

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Joan Talton

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