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Sarah's Shadow

The Refuge Of Night

By Mike Cervello



The Refuge Of Night

By Mike Cervello


It’s so much easier to hate, than it is to love. These are words that Dr. Lena Banks has learned to live by. But love was something that she could not give up on. Her family loved her too much to abandon her. Becoming a vampire was never her choice. Scorned by nature and tormented each day in Hell had turned many of her kind into psychopathic killers. Night brought her refuge from Hell. Her family’s devotion to her gave her the strength to fight her demonic instincts to kill and lust for blood from the living. Her training as a psychiatrist has helped her to find ways to control her undesired traits. She joined the FBI to become an ace troubleshooter in cases considered too dangerous for the ordinary agent.

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CVK Publishing
ISBN 0-9654364-0-3
Modern Day Myth Productions LLC

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