The Sage, the Swordsman and the Scholars: Book I of Trials of the Middle Kingdom

The Order – Book 1

By A.C. Donaubauer


The Order – Book 1

By A.C. Donaubauer


A clumsy step, the wrong branch to hold on to and a bump on the head to leave her unconscious – no more than that causes Eryn’s life to turn upside down and to suddenly find herself in the capital city as a prisoner to the king. She is determined to keep her magical abilities a secret in a kingdom where magicians have only ever been male as long as anyone knows.

That doesn’t work out that well, though. The Order, the governing body for magicians, and the king seem to have their own plans with her, none of them caring in the least that she just wants to leave that blasted city behind and return to the peace and quiet of her profession as a healer.

And then there is Enric, a high ranking magician in the Order thanks to his considerable strength, who seems to find watching her struggles an amusing diversion.

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