The After War

The Methuselah Paradox

By EJ Jackson


The Methuselah Paradox

By EJ Jackson


Twenty-third century Detective James Moran’s daughter is dying. A cancer pandemic targeting adolescents is sweeping the globe, thanks to a mutation in the ‘Methuselah gene’ which has successfully extended life for most of the population. If a cure cannot be found, humanity could face extinction within one generation.

Moran travels back in time in a desperate attempt to stop the Methuselah gene therapy program being implemented – but he arrives four decades too early. Unable to return to his own time, Moran must wait until 2018 to complete his mission. Can he avoid changing his own timeline?

An accident in 1990 has far-reaching consequences not just for Moran and the young woman who will discover the Methuselah gene in 2018, but for Detective Inspector Ian Hammond of the Manchester police.

Set in modern-day Manchester, where the quietly intense world of the scientific researcher meets the pedestrian and sometimes violent reality of the twenty-first century detective, ‘The Methuselah Paradox’ is a blend of science-fiction and gritty crime mystery.

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