Freezer Burn

The Lake Quilt Mystery

By S. D. Brown


The Lake Quilt Mystery

By S. D. Brown


Freedom Lake Resort.

Gated. Fenced. Remote.

Miles from home.

Miles from friends.

The moment 12-year-old Kelsey and her mother arrive at Freedom Lake, it’s obvious that this is not going to be the kind of resort experience Kelsey expected. Or hoped for. A nurse escorts a girl in a strait-jacket out the back door of their cabin and Kelsey’s creeped out. The girl begs Kelsey for help. Mrs. A., the woman who runs the resort, apologizes and explains that the girl hasn’t been taking her meds. That’s when Kelsey learns there’s a private school on the property for girls with “special needs.” It’s off-limits to resort guests, not that Kelsey would have a reason to go there.

At first Kelsey believes Mrs. A. because she has other things to worry about. Like how she will fit in with the rest of the resort kids. One boy in particular. Things change when one of the “special girls” slips Kelsey a secret message. It’s a riddle. As Kelsey begins to unravel its meaning, she realizes something chilling is going on at Freedom Lake Girls Academy. The more Kelsey learns, the greater her danger. If she’s not careful, she might become a “special girl,” too.

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Sharon Brown

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