The Refuge Of Night

The international Madam

By Nives Gadoni and SJ Johnson


The international Madam

By Nives Gadoni and SJ Johnson


Nives Gadoni decided long ago that dreams are to be followed and nothing would hold her back. Her mind was set, plans were made, and she left Switzerland for the U.S. There she stood on the soil of America, the land of dreams and opportunities, which became her new home. In her mind her plan wasn’t elaborate or unobtainable, it was safe. She set out to become an actress.

Nives loved New York City, and she thought it loved her in return. Acting professionally soon became a fantasy as she realized being a struggling talent didn’t earn enough money, respect or a VIP ticket into where she wanted to be. Time was of the essence in this fast paced city, and her tiny frame needed to move faster to keep up. The pulse of the streets gave her momentum. With new friends and new aspirations propelling her forward, her dreams soon became a reality. Before she had time to add more designer shoes to her collection, she was blinded by the bright lights and sucked into the seedy underworld of “The City That Never Sleeps.”

Small feet didn’t mean small steps for Nives; she was moving fast. Before she could learn that stiletto heels and the New York City streets didn’t always mix, she found herself reaping the rewards from a thriving escort agency. In just a short time, she had amassed a fortune from seven states and four continents. But for Nives that wasn’t enough.

Her reputation for reliability was growing, as was her business. As her client base grew, her ability to get what she wanted, when she wanted became the driving force that motivated her. She lived by the principle, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So whatever the client wanted, the client received. Nives became addicted to this new lifestyle, and she loved every goddamn second of it! She was built for it all, the ups, downs, drama and scheming.

Just like everyone else who gets caught up in the fast pumping valves of New York City’s heart, red flags were raised, but she failed to heed the warnings. The thrill began to cloud her judgment and reduce the visibility of where she was going.

Now she needed to fight to survive in a game that was more dangerous than she realized. Nives had to apply her street smart wit and survival skills in an environment few were lucky to escape. And as quickly as the Bellinis she once enjoyed at Cipriani’s flowed passed her lips, Nives’ dream come true turned into her nightmare.

Sitting in the headquarters of the DEA, charged with twelve counts of an A-1 Felony for possession of a controlled substance, she wondered how it all collapsed. The good fortune she once experienced, and steady achievements were now gone.

The International Madam is a story of character, strength, dreams and nightmares created by the choices made to obtain the American Dream.

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Piper Umbrella Films, Craig Piper II

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