The Apology

The Eye of Osiris

By Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald


The Eye of Osiris

By Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald


Disturbing the dead is never a good idea. Stealing from the dead is an even worse idea. But opening the door to the wizardry of the Rosicrucian Order with ill-gotten spoils from the sands of Egypt — that is definitely the road to hell.
When the bodies started piling up, Lt. Mendoza and all San Franciscans were hoping it was the work of a serial killer because the thought that a supernatural force was committing these executions was much too unsettling. Finally, Lt. Mendoza had to unearth the question that plagued everyone’s mind, “Is this the work of a supernatural power or super intelligent madman?”

Additional Book Details

Outskirts Press
Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald


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