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The Day of Awakening

By Auri Blest

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The Day of Awakening

By Auri Blest


A one-hundred-year-old prophecy told of our future. Still, we were not prepared.
My name is Jade. Seven years ago, everyone that I knew disappeared. All over the world, people were missing. We call it the Day of Awakening.

I was eighteen years old and a leader of a faction that fought against the new world government. We protected the non-pledgers. You can’t imagine what you are capable of until you are faced with death. Take some advice: Forget -The old world never existed, Hope -We are not lost forever, Assist -Your crazy is useful.

The hour has come to wake from sleep. We can’t prevent the war that’s coming. Heaven has sealed our fate. A complex web of secrecy, love and terror ensues as we race to unravel the mystery surrounding the Day of Awakening. All is not lost.

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Laurie Best

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