Size Zero: A Crime Novel

The Dante Deception

By Jenni Wiltz



The Dante Deception

By Jenni Wiltz


Natalie Brandon knows a 700-year-old Dante manuscript up for auction is a fake, but no one believes her because she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. To help stop the auction, she turns to her sister Beth, a history professor. But Christof, the forger, can’t let them succeed. He needs money from the sale to avenge the death of his true love at the hands of a Russian mobster. To silence Natalie and Beth, he enlists the help of a British baron and a fledgling bureau of spies. But Christof’s allies have their own agenda, and as his quest for vengeance spirals out of control, he targets Natalie as the cause of everything that’s gone wrong. Can Natalie stay alive long enough to stop Christof and prove she’s right about the forgery?

Additional Book Details

Decanter Press
Jenni Wiltz


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