Famous Baby

The Collectors

By Jorge Sastre and H.A.L. Wagner


The Collectors

By Jorge Sastre and H.A.L. Wagner


Life’s a gamble when you live in East Town, Florida…The once quiet beachside town along Florida’s east coast has traded seasonal tourism for year round 24/7 gambling. Games of chance have taken hold changing the dynamic of the town – even the currency.
In a town running on poker chips for currency Loan Sharks control the winners and losers. A Shark is only as good as the Fish he collects on. With badges from the state, John and Luis Solo are considered two of the best collectors to ever work East Town. Now their reputation has caught up to them as they struggle to learn who set them up and why. It seemed like an easy collection when feared Mexican Mafia boss King Lito calls on the brothers to collect fifty grand on a fish. Things quickly go wrong when the fish turns up dead and the collection is not what the brothers expect. Now pinned between King Lito and their former employer, Boss Ducci, the brothers hit the streets of East Town dodging hit men and bounty killers, until they can uncover the truth behind the set up and escape East Town with their lives.

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  1. Avatar Gene says:

    This is one of the most exciting shoots we did. We shot this in 3.5 hrs, 3 locations, Bambed it out, as best we could. Love doing this stuff. This is what we do.

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