Cyber Kill

The Collaborator of Bethlehem

By Matt Beynon Rees


The Collaborator of Bethlehem

By Matt Beynon Rees


Winner of the Crime Writers Association John Creasey Dagger. The murder of a leader of the Palestinian Martyrs Brigade leads to the arrest of George Saba, a Palestinian Christian accused of collaborating with the Israelis. Omar Yussef, a modest history teacher at a United Nations school in the West Bank, is impelled to investigate the murder to exonerate his former pupil, who he knows is innocent. As he struggles to save George, Omar Yussef is drawn into a complex plot where it is impossible to tell friend from enemy.

“A beautifully written story. I have walked the streets of Bethlehem with Omar Yussef, smelled the dust and fear, tasted his food, shared his anger and his hope. His decency is a light in the gloom. I shall not forget him.” (Anne Perry, author of Dark Assassin )

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Mariner Houghton Mifflin

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