Eternal on the Water

The Beach Beneath the Pavement

By Roland Denning


The Beach Beneath the Pavement

By Roland Denning


Bernard Hawks, dissolute and disillusioned journalist, is employed by The Indicator primarily because of his ability to annoy. In his satirical column he fantasises about where he’d like to plant a bomb, but when a bomb does go off in an advertising agency, just where he’d suggested, he becomes both a traitor and a hero. He finds a fan in Animal, a crazily attractive young female terrorist, but Dillwyn, his conspiracy obsessed neighbour, reckons it’s all part of a government plot, while the police are convinced Bernard will lead them to the perpetrators. Meanwhile, a mysterious blackmailer claims he has evidence that Bernard did indeed plant the bomb.

Bernard tries, largely unsuccessfully, to keep out of trouble as he pursues Animal. On his way he meets Professor Kepler, promulgator of the Theory of Post-Credibility, and the enigmatic JJ, ‘the man who turned baseball caps round’. His paths also cross those of Danny who has been reunited with his old colleague Troy, founder of the notorious 70’s experimental theatre group, The Human Company, who are about to create their final work, a show to ignite the entire city. And behind everything lurks the increasingly sinister New Age conglomerate, the Tranquility Foundation.
The Beach Beneath The Pavement is a set in a London very close in time and space to our own. It’s an extravagant philosophical satire about how we make sense of things in world where no one believes in anything. It’s about the lost or corrupted dreams of the sixties and seventies, dissent, experimental theatre, paranoia, conspiracy, drugs, new age panaceas, surveillance, the media, computers, chaos theory, money and the power of fiction.

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