Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood

The Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones

By Ellen Harger


The Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones

By Ellen Harger


An apartment fire costs everything, including the illusion of a tolerable marriage.

Gillian is depressed, her moods shifting like earthquakes raising deep, roiling anger. Convinced her friends and family won’t understand, she turns to strangers through a blog she writes as Mrs. Jones, a nondescript anyone.

Despite exposing herself on the internet, she assumes no one will notice her among millions of voices. Cathartic writing helps her to transform as she makes new friends, seeks help from a non-traditional therapist, and considers divorce.

Then Mr. Write answers. A strange man who asks questions, who peels away the layers. Gillian finds love, but life is absurdly stubborn. She must confront her husband, Evan, before she can move on.

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  1. Avatar Toni Sue says:

    Love, love, love!

  2. Avatar Lindsay says:

    I love this. As an author, it’s awesome to see a visually appealing trailer where the words are still the main focus. Plus, hello? Ellen’s are beautiful.

  3. Avatar swainblqr says:

    Still, by far, one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. And the book is achingly beautiful.

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