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That’s When the Knives Come Down

By Dolan Morgan


That’s When the Knives Come Down

By Dolan Morgan


Dolan Morgan’s debut collection focuses on cities and relationships and lives gone awry. A man designs a city around absence to cope with his wife’s disappearance; an entire town exhibits symptoms of a monstrous disease; a sound overtakes New York, leaving its denizens lonely and shuddering and immensely aroused. A guy propositions his furniture, a volcano spews its ash, and a horde of enemies engage in a literally uplifting fight. Throughout, Morgan poses questions to the reader: if an endless hole exists in the earth, does it not also exist in ourselves? What happens if we dig a shallower hole? What happens when we fill it? At once absurd, harrowing, and inimitable, THAT’S WHEN THE KNIVES COME DOWN establishes Dolan Morgan as the writer whose voice will supersede your inner monologue and expose your roiling inner turmoil.

“Between the moment you lose something and the moment you realize it has been lost is That’s When the Knives Come Down. In the spirit of Donald Barthelme, Dolan Morgan queers the every day and leaves a sinister domestic scene behind.”

— Catherine Lacey, author of No One Is Ever Missing

“The stories that comprise That’s When the Knives Come Down are unpredictable, wry, seductive, and breathtaking. The mysteries here are not metaphors, and Dolan Morgan’s worlds are not created in the service of our humdrum one. These places shimmer, expand, contract, blur, and somehow remain whole all the while.”

— Nelly Reifler, author of Elect H. Mouse State Judge

“That’s When the Knives Come Down is a series of broken parables, of roundabout answers to questions nobody asked, of dreams you can’t quite remember but felt so strongly about while you were having them. We are lucky to have these elusive things here, now, on paper, in front of us. Also, it’s funny.”

— Sara Woods, author of Wolf Doctors

“Dolan Morgan’s stories in That’s When the Knives Come Down are finely wrought puzzles of humor and grief and the absurd. Read them and feel fortified.”

— Manuel Gonzales, author of The Miniature Wife

“The multiple worlds Dolan Morgan creates sit atop a shifting, slippery, unpredictable darkness, one that means you’d better not get used to getting used to anything in these devilishly clever stories.”

— Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies

“Dolan Morgan has the might of a unique voice, and there aren’t nearly as many of those as you’d think based on book blurbs. But believe this blurb. Those who do not will be dumber for it and not know why.”

— Robb Todd, author of Steal Me for Your Stories

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