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Taste of Love, Feel the Fire

By E.M. Daniel


Taste of Love, Feel the Fire

By E.M. Daniel


Stacey George was, in every sense, a goody-two-shoes school nerd. All Stacey did was go to school, study in the library, and study even more when she got home.

Trying her best to fulfil a lifelong dream of finishing college, there was nothing she wanted more than to get a scholarship. She knew she had to work hard for it, even though she was top of her class. And things got more complicated when a hunk named Brian accidentally spilled coffee on her blouse.

Brian was unlike Stacey in every respect. He was a popular varsity player and, more importantly, Stacey thought he wanted nothing to do with her. He was caught up in his own mess, still grieving after the death of his father.

But even drowning his miseries in a secret hobby was not enough. Eventually, he developed a new pastime: getting Stacey naked in as many ways as possible.

Things became even more complicated when Brian and Stacey were paired up for a school project. Mixing study with pleasure made it so easy for her to enjoy Brian’s unsolicited caresses–and unexpectedly improved their research project.

Although it was a strange match from the start, just as Stacey was about to convince herself that she was having the fun that she deserved, she received news that she might not get the scholarship after all.

The fact that Stacey lost her best friend’s trust made things worse. Too preoccupied by her own naughty misadventures, Stacey unwittingly nearly destroyed what could have been her best friend’s first–and true–love.

Caught in a web of sex and deceit, can Stacey find a way to fix a ruined friendship, a potentially botched education, and a once-in-a-lifetime shot at a relationship with the only guy who dared to bring her out of her shell?

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