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SUICIDE TANGO: My Year Killin’ It With A Shrink

By Tripsy South


SUICIDE TANGO: My Year Killin’ It With A Shrink

By Tripsy South


“Good Will Hunting slams into Pulp Fiction at 500 miles an hour!”

SUICIDE TANGO is a story about love and teen suicide, featuring a series of in-depth psychiatric sessions over one year between a 17-year-old girl, Tripsy, and her 40-year-old male shrink, whom she affectionately calls “Dorkus.”

Here’s what people are saying about it, so far. . . .

“A challenging black comedy that aims to entertain and save lives.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Illuminating, gallows humor look at teen suicide . . . Full of wry observations, and justifiable outrage, Suicide Tango is a must-read for everyone.” —Seattle Book Review

“An entertaining, edgy portrait of therapy.” —BlueInk Review“A well-written book that slaps the reader upside the head with the snark of a young woman.” —Chanticleer Reviews (Best Book, 5-Star Review)

“A provocative novel . . . the climax is emotionally draining, and getting there is a roller coaster.” —Foreword Reviews

“Unlike anything I have ever read before. All I can say is WOW!” —Deborah Carpenter (5 Stars, Reviews)

“This book had me speared through the heart . . . Tight and raw writing, highly recommended.”  —Corinne Cambridge (5 Stars, Reviews)

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