Bearing My Mothers' scars

Strutting and Fretting

By Kevin McKeon

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Strutting and Fretting

By Kevin McKeon


“At the forefront of all the serious new fiction released this year.” – Midwest Book Review

School’s over, and Bob has landed an acting job at a major repertory theatre on the California coast. But instead of relishing his success, Bob is preoccupied with doubts about his talent, his life choices and his future. And his wife has left him. And he’s broke.

But hey – four months of solid work is something, right? Maybe, just maybe, Bob can turn his life around over the summer – and perhaps be invited to keep his job in the fall. But it may take a resolve and a determination that Bob does not, at this point in his life, have an abundance of:

“Who am I to think I can do this? My marriage is failing, my tenure in the Ivory Tower of Education is over and my MFA degree is really a great credential for a career in fast food. What does it matter to the deep fryer guy that I’ve done the definitive Macbeth at age 24?”

Life to Bob: Make something happen. October is bearing down fast.

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Kevin McKeon
Kevin McKeon

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