Revival The True Fairy Tale

Sometimes It Snows In July

By Cheryl Spikes


Sometimes It Snows In July

By Cheryl Spikes


Back in the 80’s, a female rapper named Chilly C and her all female crew “Paradise Exquisine” were experiencing the Hip Hop explosion! The Hip Hop explosion was a movement created by blacks for blacks to artistically express themselves through: Music (DJing), Spoken Word (MCing/Rapping), Movement (Break Dancing) and Urban Art (Graffitti).

For Paradise Exquisine, it was a celebration of music, black culture and life! Chilly and her girls all desperately wanted to be a part of the explosion by becoming the top dogs in an all-male dominated rap game. Everything was going according to plan up until “it” came along!

Unfortunately, the movement was overshadowed by a dangerous and envious enemy! One so powerful, it threatened the very existence of Chilly and her beloved friends. They find out the hard way that in a selfish world where the enemy is king and reigns disastrously supreme innocence, morals, pride and life itself are all sacrificed for an enduringly tragic love affair. They become whores in a destructive relationship with a Powerful, Illegal, Mind, Pollutant (PIMP) called Crack!

After falling victim to their adversary, family, friendship, love, life and self-determination are all tested, questioned and challenged in an antagonistic battle of the wills.

Will the powerful embrace of King Crack pimp everything that Chilly and her friends value and love? Will the group discover that King Crack has many other mistresses and that they are just another notch in its glass pipe? Or, will they find a way to escape the evil, adulterous grip of their illicit lover?

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