DogTown Second Chances


By Thomas Block



By Thomas Block


Thomas Block has extensively updated and edited his bestselling International novel SKYFALL! Hidden aboard Flight 42 are terrorists who will force the aircraft to land in Communist China where a top-secret computer program will fall into Chinese hands. But the hijacking attempt is bungled and, with scores of passengers dead or wounded, the airliner’s survivors desperately attempt to keep the airliner aloft. Meanwhile, a macabre deal is struck between the Chinese Ambassador and the US State Department to cover up all the mutually damaging evidence….

Reviewer in Europe have said:

“A nail-biting thriller of an aircraft hijack that goes wrong.”


“The conscientious attention to detail blends supremely with imagination.”

“A master of high-flying suspense!”

“The flying stuff is spot-on, hair-raising and compelling!”

Reviewers in the United States have said:

“Cleverness…violence…realistic relationships and realistic dialogue…I was impressed.”

“A first-rate thriller that entertains throughout, with a poignant conclusion.”

“An exciting novel…suspense to the end!”

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