Seven Sisters: Spiritual Messages from Aboriginal Australia

By Laine Cunningham


Seven Sisters: Spiritual Messages from Aboriginal Australia

By Laine Cunningham


According to Australia’s ancient cultures, all creatures and things emerged from the Dreamtime. The Dreaming is not just a collection of lore or a long-ago time; it is a living energy that flows constantly through the universe. It is then and now, divine and human, spirit and law. Because the energy is as vibrant today as ever, these ancient stories show us how to survive in a harsh world and how to thrive in our souls. Each Aboriginal story in this collection is enhanced with an essay from award-winning author Laine Cunningham. Our modern perspectives on love and friendship, illness and joy, life and the afterlife can be enriched with this ancient knowledge. Open this book and take your own journey through the eternal Dreamtime. Along the way, you will discover that the ancient connection to god/goddess/the divine still resonates in your soul. You will discover your own truth.
What Laine Cunningham provides in this brief but poignant book is not only a sense of background for a refreshed knowledge of the Aborigines, but she also has written a number of essays about tribal customs and how they relate to the processes of connecting to the world – physically, through gender identity, through Dreamtime energy.
“Each of these stories stem from myths but Laine’s presentation of the stories or myths proves more enlightening on how to live in peace and love for all. She is our spiritual messenger bringing us universal truths from an ancient yet extant culture. Mesmerizing and meaningful an inspiring.”
–Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer
“An inspirational book which is most likely to change your perspective on a lot of things. The book is the outcome of six months of solitary camping in the Australian outback, which by any means is no small feat. The experience made her recognize new truths. One of those truths is that people haven’t changed much for thousands of years. Even changes that enhance lives can cause trouble. The speed of progress demands ever-faster adaptations that leave some people feeling unbalanced. In the book, Laine uses “dreamtime” energy to help modern people address various challenges.
Throughout the book, Laine tells interesting stories and delivers thought-provoking and motivating lessons which cover a wide spectrum of subjects. What is particularly helpful is the message at the end of each topic. Through these valuable lessons, you will learn that the issues confronting humanity like environment, love, friendship, parenting and life can be resolved if one applies the unchanging wisdom of the human heart.”
–Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

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