The Town Of Patches

Scar of the Downers

By Scott Keen


Scar of the Downers

By Scott Keen


Every Downer in the city of Ungstah bears a scar. It is branded on their arms and tells the world that they are slaves. Crik, who knows nothing but this life, spends his days working in his master’s store, too scared to seek his freedom. One day a mysterious woman offers to help him, if only he can have the courage. The Scar of the Downers trilogy follows Crik, Jak, and others as they battle (and sometimes befriend) fantastic creatures and traverse through the incredible land of the Northern Reaches in their attempt to win freedom for all the Downers.

The Scar of the Downers trilogy contains three books: Scar of the Downers, Rise of the Branded, and War of the Downer King.

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WiDo Publishing
Scott Keen
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