Bird Dream: Adventures at the Extremes of Human Flight

Return of the Wizard King

By Chad Corrie


Return of the Wizard King

By Chad Corrie


After nearly eight centuries, the last wizard king seeks a return to Tralodren. But doing so requires the manipulation of some mercenaries oblivious to his goals.

The gladiator sold his soul for revenge. The knight’s a bigot. The dwarf only cares about regaining his honor. Even the wizardess seems too bookish for anyone’s good. But they’ve all been hired by a blind seer and his assistant to retrieve some forgotten knowledge kept hidden away in some jungle-strangled ruins.

Get in. Get out. Get paid. At least that’s what they thought. Instead, they uncover hidden agendas and ancient power struggles threatening to take the world to the brink of annihilation.

Welcome to Tralodren, a world rich in history, faith, and tales of adventure 
of which this story is but one of many.

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