A Course in Miracles

Post Trauma: Facing my Pain and Embracing Change

By Renata Kell



Post Trauma: Facing my Pain and Embracing Change

By Renata Kell


In this brave and honest memoir, Renata shares her most private memories of childhood abuse and the tragic result of years addicted to pain pills that take her on a new journey of hope and healing. Renata shares her family’s hurt, pain and love as they hold on tight and help her navigate through a new diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the link between her addiction and her childhood abuse. Sharing not only her journey , Renata also tells her families struggles during the first two years of recovery as they suffer a string of tragic deaths that threaten to tear them apart.
Contributing her success to God Renata tells her story through poems,letters and flashbacks.
A reviewing and inspirational look into one woman’s fight to heal and one families fight to save one another.

Additional Book Details

Renata Kell
Renata Kell


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