Pointe Of Darkness

By Paris Andren


Pointe Of Darkness

By Paris Andren


Darkness Consumes
At What Point Does It Destroy?

“Darkness: The point at which our fears become brutally realized and we doubt we shall ever find a way past the pain that rapes our soul of its freedom and its joy.”

Ballerina Ava DeLaney comes to LA to pursue her dancing. Her future in ballet looks bright–until a night out celebrating irrevocably changes her. Now she’s caught between the lightness of before and the darkness that followed. Her ballet–her very life are in jeopardy. Can Ava find a way to survive her new world?

Detective Sage Cartier is undercover working the LA sex scene–infiltrating clubs operated by a group of human traffickers; where there are no safety measures, no safe words, and no way out; where forced prostitution and black market slavery are proliferate. Can Sage stop their future plans before more souls are lost–including his own?

Pointe of Darkness, the first book in the LA Dark Series, is a compelling story of two strangers brought together when at their lowest–struggling to fight their way through hell. Can they move past the unrelenting darkness destroying their lives and consuming their chances at love?

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J JAF Publishing, LLC
Paris Andren

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