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Our Journey To Option C

By Lourdes & Chris LaVoy


Our Journey To Option C

By Lourdes & Chris LaVoy


In this book Our Journey To Option C you will find the story of a very courageous couple and their struggle to fight her cancer with whatever worked best for her. It is an excellent read. You will encounter almost certain death, a desperate fight to survive and an indomitable spirit and will to win the battle.

You will be encouraged to seek what is best for you in whatever your battlefield is, because Option C is not limited to only cancer or even only to disease. It is a guiding principle for any struggle or problem life may throw at you. You will be blessed by the courageous story that is written within these pages.

Dr. Dan Rogers, M.D., Ph.D., N.M.D., FMCM Founder of the GersonPlus Therapy and Rogers Therapy Lourdes Colón was a single mother and a successful actress when she met Chris LaVoy. He was the stage director for the theatrical production that she was a part of and the two fell in love.

Lourdes knew that she was here to make an impact on the world, and Chris believed in that dream. Lourdes asked the Universe again and again for the chance to be the difference that she knew she was meant to be. Lourdes and Chris thought that Lourdes would make her desired impact as an A list actress.

Just as Lourdes was set to explode into Hollywood stardom she finally got an answer from the Universe to her desire to make a difference in the world.

Lourdes was diagnosed with cancer. Their world was torn apart at the diagnosis, but their marriage was tested when Lourdes revealed to her husband that she was going to fight her cancer naturally, and that she was going to document her healing so that the world could see that there was a way to beat cancer without poison or harmful side effects.

Chris was scared, and resisted Lourdes’ desires. Lourdes learned so much about the human body and cancer. She experimented and through trial and error learned how she could get whole. Lourdes faced resistance from friends and family, but still had that strength to move forward on a journey that took her all the way to Mexico, and to death’s door, where she was greeted with messages from the other side from “Light Beings” that offered their support.

Our Journey to Option C is a book that surpasses a cancer survivor’s story and transcends to life lessons and a mindset that allows for Lourdes and Chris live their lives richer and with more meaning than ever before.

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