Into the Vast

O.P. #7 (The Horrors of War)

By Adam Fenner


O.P. #7 (The Horrors of War)

By Adam Fenner


“War is hell,” but something about Combat Outpost (COP) Najil seems worse than the old adage traditionally implies.

Ten members of the “Reaper” platoon arrive at COP Najil where the previous unit had hunkered down avoiding something . . . something that they had been unwilling to talk about, before they rushed off the base.

What could scare a company of hardened infantryman?

While the Reapers settle into their new surroundings, strange occurrences become more commonplace. Things only get worse when they are assigned to hold Observation Post (O.P.) #7, while the rest of their unit clears the valley below of the Taliban threat.

How can the Reapers possibly overcome the deadly threat of an unseen enemy as they die one by one?

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  1. Avatar Mark says:

    War is scary enough, but add in the element of dark history to a region and see what happens. I couldn’t put the book down. It is an intense ride into the unknown, so buckle up and hang on.

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