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Northern Heights

By Helen E. Barrow


Northern Heights

By Helen E. Barrow


A story of bullying, love, healing and revenge: North East England, August 2000,
Barbara Singleton is twelve years old and in love with another girl. She is also obese and the subject of a brutal bullying campaign. Seeing no other options, this gentle child takes drastic action to end her torment.

Over a decade later, Nicola Dixon is struggling with life. The victim of choice in her manager’s relentless, sometimes ingenious bullying tactics, this once happy young woman is aware she is drinking more, losing weight and her confidence is in tatters. Despite agonising over every recollection since they first met, she cannot understand what she has done to deserve such cruel treatment. Instead those memories, blurred beyond recognition through over-reflection, have blended into malignant feelings of unearned shame and self-doubt.

When the dynamic and impressive Angela Bromwelowe is seconded from another local government, Nicola’s life has an opportunity for change. It is a path that will force her to face her fears, guilt from mistakes in her past and serious injury. Has Nicola got the strength to grab the chance of happiness waiting at the end. Can she use it to help others, even those who have hurt her?

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Helen E. Barrow
Helen E. Barrow

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