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Murder by Bequest

By John Spencer Yantiss


Murder by Bequest

By John Spencer Yantiss


On a frigid Friday afternoon in February, Eleanor Harkness shows up at the door of the “granite palace,” Sherrod Colsne’s New York townhouse. Her unexpected yet incredibly timely appearance not only knocks Colsne’s normally unflappable assistant, Monty Weston, off stride, but takes both of them down a winding path of romance, past and present, and decades-old, bitter hatred. Though only four days actually elapse in the telling, Murder by Bequest is a story spanning over twenty-five years, three continents, and two primary cultures, and surrounding America’s foremost family of wealth, and social and political position.

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  1. Avatar John Spencer Yantiss says:

    For Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe enthusiasts–really, fans of Agatha Christie’s sleuths as well, Lord Peter Wimsey, Father Brown, and even Sam Spade!–Sherrod Reynard Colsne is the scion, in intellect and eccentricity (perhaps even genealogy) of that venerable line, the refined, gentlemen’s and ladies’ detective. Read Monty Weston’s accounts (agented by me, John Spencer Yantiss), as the New York genius solves the most recherche and grotesque mysteries of the 21st century, with a whole new set of idiosyncrasies and ways.

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