Tales of the Peculiar

Mcstays, Taken Too Soon-A True Story

By Patrick McStay


Mcstays, Taken Too Soon-A True Story

By Patrick McStay


February 4, 2010. The last day anyone heard the voices of Joseph, Summer, Gianni or Joey Jr. McStay. The family’s two beloved dogs were left abandoned in the backyard, food left out to rot, and a growing and thriving home-based business had orders pouring in unanswered.

Joseph’s father, Patrick, and other family members insisted their loved ones would never disappear voluntarily. Many suspected Joseph’s contract employee of foul play. Yet for four years, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department led the public to believe they had left of their own accord and moved to Mexico, until the harrowing discovery of four bodies in the desert shattered that illusion.

Journey inside the lives of Joseph and Summer, hear their own accounts of their life together as well as insight from close friends and family. Read about Patrick’s fight to keep his family’s case in the forefront, and about the love he shared with his son for so many years.

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