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MALICE INTENT: Is Love Worth Dying For?

By Alba Castillo


MALICE INTENT: Is Love Worth Dying For?

By Alba Castillo


Malice Intent: Is Love Worth Dying For? is a book about one woman’s descent into hell – a hell so pervasive that her very survival was threatened. It is an inspirational story of her strength, will to survive and love of family – pushing her to overcome great obstacles and emerge from the depths of abject poverty, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and self-sabotage. Born in 1960 in a small village in Spain, author Alba Castillo became a pioneer in her family. At a young age, Castillo knew she needed more than small town life could offer. She left for England to learn English and explore a new life in a different country and culture. Before long, she found herself in the United States – the place where her downward spiral would begin.

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