A Future Somewhere

Mae Day: SOS for Love

By Al VinLoft & AniQ M


Mae Day: SOS for Love

By Al VinLoft & AniQ M


Even if it hurts now, someone else will come…

Jen has heard these words more often than not from her friends since she left behind the exotic boy next door. And when she seems to be finally moving on, trouble arrives with a sweet smile.

Young, beautiful, and brilliant, Jen takes on the world with an ironclad will to succeed and breaks through every glass ceiling set before her. But she is still left with a void in her heart, even though she is encouraged by her best friend to move on. In an attempt to do so, she unwittingly gets entangled in a dangerous web of deceit. That entanglement triggers a perilous backlash, filled with dangerous close encounters for herself and those she cares deeply about.

Will Jen’s life ever be the same again?

Will she be given a second chance at love?

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Luka Sarlija

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