Love Me Anyway: A Novel

By Tiffany Hawk


Love Me Anyway: A Novel

By Tiffany Hawk


A darkly funny, compulsively readable debut novel about two young flight attendants coming of age at 35,000 feet

When twenty-three-year-old Emily Cavenaugh’s marriage to her abusive high school sweetheart ends, she trades in her dull smalltown life for an all-access pass to see the world as a flight attendant. Hoping for a new start, she moves to San Francisco to bunk with six other new flight attendants. Among them is KC Valentine, a free spirit who encourages Emily to shed her mousy ways and start collecting experiences as exciting as her passport stamps. Emily soon follows KC’s advice a little too well, falling in love with an older, married co-worker named Tien, a father to two young girls. But as Emily and Tien become more deeply entangled, KC grows distraught. Neither her friends nor co-workers know the real reason she became a flight attendant: to find her father who abandoned her as a child. As Emily and KC fly from Vegas to Boston, San Francisco to London, Chicago to Delhi, each searching for love and acceptance, they’re torn between passion and moral conviction, freedom and belonging.

An assured debut from a former flight attendant, Love Me Anyway deftly captures the complexities of love, friendship, and family, the excitement and loneliness that come from living everywhere and nowhere, and the surprising detours life can take when you set out to discover the world.

Tiffany Hawk is a travel writer, former flight attendant, and author of the forthcoming novel, Love Me Anyway. She has written for such places as The New York Times, LA Times, StoryQuarterly, The Potomac Review, National Geographic Traveler, and NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

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  1. Avatar Kate Abbott says:

    Really cute trailer! I’m in. I can’t wait to read this.

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