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Love, Destruction & Pinot Noir

By Indigo Bryerly


Love, Destruction & Pinot Noir

By Indigo Bryerly


Sophie Beaumont is about to be released from the hospital after her second bout of alcohol poisoning in four months. At forty-five, her life is in crisis. Once a compassionate and empathetic young woman, Sophie has slowly transformed into a cold, manipulative woman with a reputation for destroying anyone who crosses her. The only significant person in her life her best friend and loyal ex-husband, Sean McCaffrey. Still in love with Sophie, Sean has tried to help her but has been unsuccessful, as he has his own demons to contend with.
Desperate to help, Sophie’s estranged aunt, Kirsten Hill, contacts the one person from Sophie’s past she believes is the root of her niece’s illness: former lover, Damon Monroe. When Damon dismisses the situation and refuses to get involved, Kirsten manipulates events to force Damon back into Sophie’s life. It’s been twenty-seven years since they last saw one another and Sophie is furious over Damon’s return. Her world unravels as secrets, lies, and animosity, along with intense attraction, unfold as the story of their relationship bubbles over. Sophie is now confronted with facing the tragedies in her life and the demise of her relationship with Damon. What changed Sophie Beaumont? Can Damon and Sophie reconcile the past? Can Sophie find peace and sobriety or will the return of the love of her life drive her over the edge?
Would you be willing to save the life of the person who destroyed yours?

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