Last Day

By Mark Patrick


Last Day

By Mark Patrick


Alec Rossi was supposed to die on July 10, 2013. After losing everything he loved—his father, his wife and his career—he was ready to throw himself off a bridge, but a sudden change of heart altered his life forever. Two years later, he’s happily married and writing for a fiction website, but as it turns out, what he is writing is more than fiction.

Samantha Eckhard wasn’t supposed to die on July 10, 2013. Her puzzling last words and a viral online video showing eight people doing nothing to save her from impending death send her husband, Evrett, on a mission to find the man ultimately responsible—the man on the bridge.

To find this nameless specter, Evrett must first eliminate the eight bystanders, and as he journeys from target to target, it becomes clear that everyone involved shares a mysterious bond all because of the happenings on July 10, 2013.

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Holon Publishing
Jimmy Johnson

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