The Commandant of Lubizec: A Novel of The Holocaust and Operation Reinhard

Johnny Danger D.I.Y Spy

By Peter Millett


Johnny Danger D.I.Y Spy

By Peter Millett


Get Smart meets James Bond for middle grade readers.

Danger’s not his middle name – it’s his surname. Meet the world’s greatest prankster who has fooled everyone with fake spy website – even M16.

Now he has access to every gadget he ever dreamed up. But it comes at a price.

Because the world’s not enough when it comes to playing practical jokes, and Johnny’s appetite for destruction could soon see him unable to lie another day.

Johnny Danger – he’s double the ‘O’ and triple the ‘NO’.

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Penguin Books Australia


  1. Avatar room132014 says:

    Such a funny trailer I think it’s the best!!!! I’ve read the preview and it’s great.

  2. Avatar room132014 says:

    Well done Mr Millett!Your book and trailer is amazing can’t wait to read the book properly.
    From Maia Rm 13

  3. Avatar Scott Cahan says:

    Great trailer. The animation is funny, clever and shows plenty of storyline variety. I’m a succer for a good spy spoof and this looks like just the ticket. I can’t wait to read the book now that I’ve seen the trailer.

  4. Avatar Geoffrey says:

    Wow, nice job- good editing! Iv’e never seen such basic animation work so well with the story.
    -Can’t wait to read the book :3

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