Ivy is a Weed

INTERCESSION book trailer (Taylor Neeran Chronicles #3)

By J J Mathews


INTERCESSION book trailer (Taylor Neeran Chronicles #3)

By J J Mathews


AD 3486

Aeden was suffering.

The Reapers had finally been destroyed, leaving the planet scarred and countless creatures lost. The process of recovery had begun, but it will take lifetimes to repair the damage inflicted upon the planet.

Now is a time of recuperation, new growth, and family… and new hope in a future that had almost been lost. Balance must be restored for the planet to fulfil its purpose, even as Taylor finds new life blossoming within her.

However, recent events have attracted unwanted attention. The Xathen are coming to investigate, and no act of intrusion goes unpunished.

When the Xathen arrive, Taylor finds herself an invader on a world that is not her own, in command of forces she barely comprehends.

With the Orion Spur once again on the brink of destruction, the only thing that stands between the Xathen and the unsuspecting Commonwealth is…

Taylor Neeran.

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