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In the Seam

By Kirk James Folk


In the Seam

By Kirk James Folk


In the Seam
By Kirk James Folk

You think you’re having a rotten day? When nine year old Frank Frandoza’s father goes on the lam, Frank is sentenced to attend public school, asphyxiated in a cave-in and awakens in a surreal realm known as the Seam. The Seam houses the essence of the comatose and unconscious and is overseen by a literal big cheese: a giant rogue dairy product who’s exceeded his expiration date.
The fabric of the Seam has begun to fray. Numbed by their surroundings and oblivious to time, the residents are morphing into physical manifestations of their personalities and losing all memory of their former lives. Meanwhile, an unseen malevolent force conspires to prevent any of them from ever returning to the corporeal world.
Frank and new-found friend and guardian Ivan Blastov soon cross paths with Harvey Melodrama, the only person known to have toggled between realms.
Confronted at every turn by misfits, grotesques and villains, Frank, Ivan, Harvey and a shaggy group of improbable heroes devise an escape plan which may end with all of them wounded, dead or worse: hellbent on returning to the Seam to save our world.
A vigorously shaken cocktail of social satire and juvenile whimsy “In the Seam” is an illustrated novel about hope, camaraderie, polecats, rock’n’roll and what happens when the stories we tell intertwine with the stories we live. In other words, it is appropriate and meant for adolescents of all ages. Let yourself be knocked out!

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