The Bone Man of Benares - The Bone Man of Benares - New Front Cover


The Bone Man of Benares

In Shadows Of The Wicked

By Michael R Collins



In Shadows Of The Wicked

By Michael R Collins


Jeremy and Reggie Mayer watched their mother die at the ethereal hands of three terrifying phantoms, the Family. Now they live their lives as best they can, outrunning the memory and hope to put enough distance between them and their tormentors. Unfortunately, the Family won’t be kept away so easily. They have plans for the brothers and their friends. Plans that include Floyd, a middle-aged man who befriends young Reggie in an attempt to bring the boys back ‘home’.
Floyd, obsessed with classic industrial music, has different ideas and wants to suck the others into his own twisted world of darkness. As the Family escalates their attacks on the brothers, no one is safe. In their efforts to rid themselves of the spreading evil, Jeremy and Reggie will find themselves in places that blur the lines of reality, as well as life and death.

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Independent Publisher
Music by The Funky Horror

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