The Twelve-Fingered Boy

In Retrospect

By Ellen Larson


In Retrospect

By Ellen Larson


In Retrospect is a good old-fashioned whodunit set in a compelling post-apocalyptic future.

Former elite operative Merit Rafi suffered during her imprisonment at the end of a devastating war but the ultimate torment is being forced to investigate a murder she would gladly have committed herself.

In the year 3324 the Rasakans have attacked the technologically superior Oku. The war is a stalemate until the Oku commander General Zane abruptly surrenders. Merit a staunch member of the Oku resistance fights on but she and her comrades are soon captured. An uneasy peace ensues but the Rasakans conspire to gain control of the prized Oku time-travel technology.

When Zane is murdered the Rasakans exert control over Merit the last person on Earth capable of Forensic Retrospection.

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Five Star, Cengage Learning

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